Martha Arbayani Bin Zaidan, B.Eng., M.Sc.(Eng.), Ph.D., Docent, MIET, SMIEEE

HIIT Research Fellow

Department of Computer Science

Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT)

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR)

University of Helsinki

Physicum building, second floor (C220)

Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a 

FI-00560 Helsinki, Finland


This is my personal website, presenting my profile as well as my professional activities. 

In case you want to collaborate, this website contains my research interests, publications and on-going projects as well as research activities.

My current and previous employments as well as my education are also shown here. 

This website is linked to personal activities and my personal blogs, where they show some science/engineering articles, discussion on environmental issues, nature and some of my world trips. 

FAQ about me:

Q: Who am I? 

A: My biopic can be found here

Q: What are the purposes of this web?

A: As mentioned above, this web serves primarily to presents my profile, my activities and other information related to my expertise. In addition to that, this website is expected to provides useful information to some professionals (from academia, industry, and/or other institutions) who are interested in establishing collaboration with me and/or my research institution in the future. 

Q: What are my activities?

A: I am a researcher in machine learning, control systems and health monitoring technologies. Currently, I am working as a Researcher at Helsinki University, Finland. My activities are mainly in research of the aforementioned area of technologies, and other tasks related to academics (e.g. teaching, organising and participating in workshops and conferences). I have also paid a lot of attention in environmental issues, my current related activity is in on-line campaign to protect and restore tropical rainforest in Indonesia.

Q: What is the best way to reach me?

A: Email is the most preferred method to communicate with me.

Q: How to meet me in person? 

A: My office is located in Kumpula, Helsinki, Finland.

Q: Where can people find me when I am on holiday?

A: I love spending my vacation in a tropical country. The best place ever is still my hometown, Aceh, a special region of Indonesia, located at the northern end of Sumatra. This is really a tropical paradise on the earth. See the videos below.

You can also please read my blog below.