Nacitha Feiyyazarifa Zaidan is the name of my lovely daughter. She was born on 17 Sept 2011 in Sheffield, UK. She had grown up there, but had no chance to pick British accent yet, since we moved to USA when she was about to speak. She is an active little girl who has been residing in three continents (Europe, Asia and America), accompanying his father around of the world. My dream is to take her to the remaining continents (i.e. Africa and Australia) to make her a five continent girl :-)

Nacitha baby (2011-2012)

Nacitha in Sheffield (2011-2012)

Nacitha in Aceh (2012) and Pekanbaru (2012).

Nacitha in Hull (2013) and Edinburgh (2013).

Nacitha in Maryland (2014) and Washington DC (2015).

Nacitha (2015) in Pekanbaru, few weeks before going to Finland (2016).

Nacitha in Saint Petersburg, Russia (2016) and at home, Tapiola, Espoo, Finland (2016)