Why 2014 is so special?

March 2014, I was awarded PhD degree by The University of Sheffield. The most important lesson to be learnt is that "never forget your teachers during your basic education, because without them, you never be what you are now!" It took me about 23 years, from Kindergarten, .........., Master degree and finally to be a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).


2014 is also the year where I visited 8 countries; UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Malaysia, Indonesia and USA.

Before leaving UK for good to USA, I with my best friend (Ubaid) visited Benelux and France, just in 4 days (April 2014).

Atomium, Brussels, Belgium (left) and Amsterdam, Netherlands (right).

Luxembourg city, Luxembourg is a very expensive country (left) and Eiffel Towers, Paris, France.

Few days after this trip, I left UK for good, the country where I spent 6 years, obtaining my MSc as well as my PhD degrees. My lovely daughter was also born there.

June 2014 Maryland and National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C, Nov 2014 (right).